Nicole exceeded all my expectations on my custom paint job! She is truly a gifted artist. I gave her the theme and some ideas and then I let her go to work with her talent and she totally rocked it! She kept me informed throughout the process by sending me “sneak peeks”. Nicole also committed to a time frame and nailed that also. She likes to do the right way by communicating in person or on the phone. She doesn’t ever say just email or text. She has personal interest in getting to know what you want done! I can’t wait to start another bike project with her in the future!

Dave Mansell – Hudson, WI

Dear Nicole,

Thank you for the outstanding work you did painting my custom chopper. I had thought about getting my bike painted, but never thought I would find someone that I felt would do a good job.

While at Sturgis bike week I saw your booth with your art work on display and was extremely impressed. I looked through your catalog and knew right then I wanted you to do the work on my bike.

I myself am a business owner and was very pleased at how professional you and your staff were. Phone calls were always returned and you always took the time to discuss the look and outcome of the work.

You and your staff were always pleasant to talk to and very helpful. It felt good to have complete trust in your skills. The e-mails sent to show me the progress also very appreciated. It is obvious that you care about your customers and take pride in your business.

I will continue to be fan of your work and would recommend your talents to everyone! Please feel free to list me as a very satisfied customer and someone who can definitely vouch for a job well done. I am proud when my friends and perfect strangers tell me what a great airbrush job I have had done.

If you have any customers who would like to hear from me on your behalf, please give them my information:

Mike Tomas – Tomas Carpet City
6401 St. Clair Ave.
Cleveland, Ohio 44103


Americade was this week in Lake George NY, just 8 miles from my home. I took a couple days off to take my bike with your paint job there. Here is just a couple times, of the many times, I parked it. Each time it was similar to this.

I parked the bike in the middle of about 50 randomly parked bikes outside of Duffy’s bar. I went in to have a Ginness, and I sat by the balcony rail to watch my ride. People were winding their way through the black and red Harleys and cruisers to look at the gold one in the middle. Then, out came a camera or cell phone to photo(graph) my ride. Not just the girl, but the color matching seat, flames, etc. Some took several shots at different angles. One lady (husband nearby) said to her daughter (about 10 y.o.) ” come look at the dragon”, and took several pictures.

When I parked along the curb, people looked at the customs, and the completely chromed V-Rod (tank and all), the blue tribal custom painted Hybusa, the custom decked out cruisers, but took pictures of my ride.

Women would tug on their guys and vice versa and point over to my ride. They enjoyed the paint, asked about the seat. They asked if I do seats for others, and of course I don’t. One person knew about leather and asked what the grade was, the stains, etc, So I removed the seat, showed him how I did it, and gave him some basic advice. I know a little of how you must feel when you do a good job. BUT, the highlight of the bike is YOUR WORK!

I passed your name on even if they didn’t ask. OUTSTANDING JOB, SWEETHEART!!!

Tim, The Tramp

Dear Nicole,

Here are some shots of my 08 Z06 Corvette. It has been an absolute plesure to have you and your shop work on SWEET REVENGE!

I wasn’t sure what to do with the paint scheme on my baby, but with presenting you with just a simple idea of what I was looking for, you took it to a whole new level!

People are in awe over the paint job you created for me. You were nothing short of totally professional, and very curtious with me.

SWEET REVENGE Is now featured in an ad by vertical doors out in California. If you go to their web site and click on the picture from the rear, you can enlarge it to very clearly see your info located on the bumper.

Your work is second to none, and I wish you and your shop all the luck in the future!
I’m sure with work like you turned out for me, you will be around for along time. I look forward to having more work done by you in the future.

Tks, Russ
Keeping it sideways!

I have been a fan and a friend of Nicole’s for 20 plus years. I got to know her because she did a lot of lettering on my semi’s and milk trucks through Nicole’s Sign Works. She never fails to make me look good. My business wouldn’t be where it is without here and her creativity. I’ve always been a fan of her airbrush work and when I went to her with the idea for my harley “The Judge” she didn’t let me down. I told her to run with it and she did amazing work. I get compliments everywhere I go. I always recommend her to everyone. I couldn’t be happier or more proud to own a piece of here artwork that is my Harley. Thank You so much Nicole!

Kevin Minnig (Minnig Transport)
Beaver Dam, WI

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